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Free File Hosting

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WebFileHost Is a absolutely free file web hosting service powered by a dedicated linux servers network.
It can be used to share your files across the internet with friends, forums, or anywhere. Great for businesses, project management, people who work from home. For example, people who invest, apply for mortgage, life insurance quotes, etc, etc.

WebFileHost allows a huge 500Mb file size

    • Maximum file size: 500 Mb
    • Allowed Files: documents, mp3, video, image files
    • Split-archives: Allowed
    • Upload limit: Unlimited
    • Bandwidth: Unmetered
    • Powered by: Linux
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Free File Hosting

Frequently Asked Questions

What is WebFileHost.com?
WFH is a free hosting service with no registration needed that can be used to store your files online and share them with your friends and family by leting them know the download web address provided after uloading.  

How does WFH work?
Pretty simple! Just go to our Home page and browse for the file you want to share, click "Upload" and wait for the file to be saved. You will get a confirmation screen containing the full web address where your friends can retrieve your file

I forgot the download URL. What do I do?
Unfortunately, you will need to re-upload it again, the old file will be removed from the servers within 30 days from uploaded.

Can I hotlink to my file?
No. The download page will generate a temporary link to your file, trying to reach the file directly will not work.
You must use the download URL address given after uploaded, be sure to copy it.

How long my file will be hosted?
Files will be kept in our servers for 30 days after upoloaded, after this period it will be removed.

I am trying to access a file, but it says it doesn't exists. What´s wrong?
Most probably you copied the URL incorrectly, the file has expires (30 days from uploaded), or it has been reported due to violation of upload policy.

What is the upload limit and which files types am I allowed to upload?
You may upload ZIP and RAR files only during this beta test period, as long as each of them is less than 10 Mb in size. (We will be adding more allowed file types in the near future)

If another user uploads a file with the same name, Will my file be overwritten?
No. In order to maximize security, any file that you upload will be renamed if another file with the same name exists on our servers by adding a digit number at the end. This is done to prevent a file to be overwritten accidentally.

Are there any space or bandwidth limitations?
Unlike other file Hosting providers, there are absolutely no space or bandwidth limitations.
However, all files that are uploaded must obey our Terms, but you can upload as many files you want.

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